By Thomas Joosten.

Following our second course, the first companies have started to publish the experience they had with us.

It is empowering to read the positive feedback.

We hope that these keep on coming.

Check out the review from The Mobile Company, who sailed with us during our first course.

They write about how they “love being challenged to learn new things”, they also say “the course sparked interesting ideas of how to implement AI in our work and opens up new doors because of this technology becoming more widespread and applicable to real-life scenarios”.

That’s some good stuff!

Wuzzon, who joined us last week during our second course also left a raving review.

When asked how the participant from Wuzzon liked the course, he noted: “The course has been very successful and a lot of knowledge has been gained. There was a good atmosphere between the teachers and participants, which made it a nice two days. Both participants and teachers remain in contact with each other to share their Machine Learning knowledge and plans for future projects.”

As far as I’m concerned, this is really great stuff: A course where people feel safe to ask questions, making it interactive and this really improves the learning curve! One of our biggest personal goals was to make the course interactive, instead of creating a “mass production” atmosphere and we feel that we succeeded in doing so! We really feel we are creating a community of AI enthusiasts here.

Lastly, Martin of Bstoked left us a great review. You can check it out below!

We would love to get even more reviews like these!

Martin Marzidovsek: Bstoked.


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