Crash course Machine Learning in 2 days!

Many programmers want to learn more about AI and Machine Learning in particular. We experienced that most “online” courses are very good but it is hard to motivate yourself to quickly get through and start writing code. Therefore we developed a course where you learn very quickly whilst having fun. Hence, Wouter de Winter and Daniel Versteegh (both seasoned coders) have put all of the knowledge you need to know into a 2-day crash course. You will get one day of theory where you will learn to use python for data analysis and Machine Learning. During the course you will use data from a sailing boat. Hence you will immediately put your theoretical knowledge into practice. The direct application of the algorithm you developed on the boat motivates you to go through a quick and steep learning curve.


This course is for Software programmers and other AI enthusiasts who have programming experience and want to learn by doing (using data, ML software). The data collected from sailing provides an excellent playground to use a wide variety of Machine Learning techniques: supervised learning, reinforcement learning, regression, classification, deep learning and other. We start from scratch, just come with your laptop, some rain clothing and some basic Python knowledge. We will take care of the rest: course material, lunch and sailing the boat are included.



In this course, you will:

– get an introduction to different AI techniques;
– learn how to apply Machine Learning analysis techniques;
– get a taste for deep learning;
– work on data sets;



Years Serving communities

– receive a reference book and course material;
– receive a personalised certificate;
– 3 follow up consultancy & support hours;
– create an unforgettable experience with like-minded people.



Thousand children Impacted

After this course you will be able to:
– understand what you can do with Machine Learning techniques;
– analyse data sets;
– make predictions on big data sets;
– develop an algorithm with actionable actions.

Would you like to know more about the course? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.