By Thomas Joosten.

Today is the day we are going to test the system Daniel has built to collect the steering data from the rudder and to get all the navigation data from Pytrack. We are quite excited.

AI Captain sailing boat

Daniel on Deep Blue

Because the boat is in Amsterdam and not easy to sail away we decided to put the boat in another Harbour. After looking at different locations we decided Muiderzand would be the best harbour to start from. You can see the location on Google maps:

After a short trip, I arrived with a new crew member: our little pup called Boudicca who was learning about sailing boats and data collection in her still young life. At the harbour, we looked at Daniels home-build system to apply to collected data on the steering wheel of the boat. He build it himself and he had to pick up his skill to solder the wires himself. I am off course very impressed by this craftsmanship.

The dog “Boudicca” on Deep Blue

Daniel’s self build steering device

After a while Wouter joins us and we are ready to sail from Amsterdam to Muiderzand. A small step in the course business but a big step for us: If this works we are ready to work out the course details.

Wouter, Daniel and Thomas on Deep Blue

Not only wouter joins but also Victor Verbeek. They will sail to Muiderzand and I will go and collect them and bring them back to Amsterdam later with the VW-van.

I followed their progress through the location sharing on WhatsApp to make sure I will be there on time when they arrive at Muiderzand Marina.

Moment of truth: How did the data collection work? Did we get enough data. Daniel checks the logs.

Yes it worked! First try, immediate success! Time to celebrate.

The team, celebrating