What is the story?


Daniel Versteegh, Thomas Joosten and Wouter de Winter are enthusiastic about applying AI techniques in business and all the possibilities it brings. When we saw how the new computer power and technological developments made AI and machine learning quite easy to apply we retrained ourselves to get up to date. Daniel and Thomas both believed that the theoretical knowledge of AI is exciting but applying it directly is far more fun. We had done a couple of courses but most courses in Machine Learning were far to theoretic.  Our mutual experience was:  most courses online like Udacity, Coursera  are great but take a very high motivation to follow through. With all the daily distractions these courses never get finished. Courses at Universities are often too broad and time intensive. We found that a course that gets you kickstarted was missing. Now-a-days you can start using tool in a hands-on way quite easily you just need some pointers. So we wanted to create a training which was fun and “hands-on”.  Wouter had the same ideas and because we all had affinity with wind and sailing, Daniel suggested to develop a course where you learn how to make self steering sailing boat and then test the software you built yourself.

When is the course?

The first trial course will be held hopefully in July this year.  However we are not sure if we can get the boat ready in time. Leave your email address on the contact page, if you would like to know more and you are interested in the two day course. For now we will use this website and the blog to share how we are developing the course. The course creation is a fun journey in itself.

We are preparing the sailing boat to receive guests.  Daniel is building the mechanism to collect data for the steering and use that to build the self steering algorithm and then be able to plug it in when we are going to sail it. We expect to collect data in June and hopefully do a first test run. The first trial course in September 2018.

Read more on the progress on the blog.

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